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1 January 2007

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Introducing a new look and feel for Xbox 360. Find the right console for you and your family, and outfit it with all the great accessories for maximum gaming enjoyment.

A company called DatatraceDNA will embed nanoparticles into the code as an anti-counterfeiting measure. This nanotechnology will be integrated into the structure of the code and packaging. When the material is illuminated under a particular frequency of light a unique emission spectrum is detected by a hand-held digital reader. The four and eight-color geometric patterns can hold up to two-pages of data, double the amount of traditional black and white, striped barcodes. Microsoft has said consumers could interact with the new barcodes, using webcams and mobile phones with cameras.

Researchers Say

"In this paper we have implemented virtual related based modeling and understanding of nanotechnology enabled system which can be applied for better understanding, accelerated applying and teaching nanotechnology. The engine that is built can be used to simulate many areas of nano domain including nano-agent based system, nano manipulations and other phenomenon. In this study we have studied the recent trends in nanotechnology and HPC and have developed a structure for virtual reality. The work regarding nano agents has been shown and the implication of the VR framework has been shown. The idea is being borrowed from the development of the modern games where need for high computation power is required which can be solved from HPC setups. Our aim here is to keep all things on Windows platform where we have used WCCS."Pathak, R. ; Joshi, S. (2009)



90 nm Silicon on Insulator

Functions of Nanomaterial

Location of Nanomaterial