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Universal Display Corporation® Organic Light Emitting Diodes


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1 January 2007

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Organic Light Emitting Device (OLED) technology is emerging as a leading technology for displays and lighting. OLEDs possess key performance features including vibrant color, high contrast ratios, full-motion video, and wide viewing angles. With Universal Display’s proprietary UniversalPHOLED™ Phosphorescent OLED technology, OLEDs can also be up to four times more efficient than previously thought possible. This means that OLED displays can consume substantially less power in cell phone and TV applications than current LCDs do. And, white phosphorescent OLED light sources have the potential to be more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lighting - with significant energy savings to be realized on a global scale. In an increasingly energy-conscious and environmentally-minded world, PHOLED technology and materials are vital for meeting the OLED design requirements of portable electronics, TVs, and lighting. In commercial use since 2003, PHOLED technology and materials offer key features that translate into performance advantages over conventional fluorescent OLED technology. View a video. These will enable OLEDs to compete with existing LCDs and lighting products. They include: * Record-breaking energy efficiencies * Vibrant colors * Long operating lifetimes * Thermal stability for manufacturing use * Manufacturing versatility * Environmentally-friendly

“Made of nanostructured polymer films, OLED screens emit their own light and are lighter, smaller and more energy efficient than conventional liquid crystal displays. To marketing and branding experts, the fact that three Fortune 500 heavyweights are vying to make OLED technology a consumer proposition suggests that the market for next generation nano-powered displays will be a real contest. According to research firm DisplaySearch, the market for OLED displays will grow from $112 million worldwide in 2002 to $3.1 billion by 2007.”




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