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Sanyo® Organic Electroluminscent
OEL Displays


Date Added

1 January 2007


Country of Origin

“Organic Electroluminscent Displays Outline No back light system. Wide viewing angles and fast response time. The display has the above features, which allow low power consumption with high brightness and thinness. The DSC and PDA require this to realize high quality picture, long batter life, and further downsizing. Wide Angle Viewing 2.4 inch Organic Electroluminscent Display LCD Display Thinness 2.4 inch Organic Electroluminscent Display LCD Display Panel Structure Specifications of the full color display Active matrix type”

“Made of nanostructured polymer films, OLED screens emit their own light and are lighter, smaller and more energy efficient than conventional liquid crystal displays. To marketing and branding experts, the fact that three Fortune 500 heavyweights are vying to make OLED technology a consumer proposition suggests that the market for next generation nano-powered displays will be a real contest. According to research firm DisplaySearch, the market for OLED displays will grow from $112 million worldwide in 2002 to $3.1 billion by 2007.”




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