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Nanotech Project Tire


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1 January 2007

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The radial features Yokohama's micro-flexible tread compound developed using nanotechnology to produce a silica-based compound that maximizes contact between the tire and the road enhancing grip in wet and dry conditions.

Yokohama tires provide high performance by using innovative Nano-technology that helps to run on all road surfaces. Yokahama S drive with Nano technology provides outstanding grip. The silica-based compound used in these tires provides maximum grip on wet and dry roads. The groove net works help in removing rainwater and thus enhances the performance in wet roads. These tires offer more stability and provide maximum comfort to the driver. They reduce the chance o frequent wear and tear.



Nanoparticles, 20 nm spheres

Functions of Nanomaterial

Location of Nanomaterial

Potential Exposure Pathways