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Rheo Knee


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7 March 2013


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"It learns the way amputees walk and recognizes and responds immediately to changes in speed, load and terrain. Simple to operate, it is the most adaptable solution of its kind"

"From the first step, the Rheo knee compares the maximum degree of flexion achieved at each swing phase to select the values determined by the Prosthetist with the Rheo software. The optimization of the settings continues even after the completion of the initial program by the Prosthetist. It adapts to the walking pace and the style of each walk."

"should give amputees smooth, natural joint movements thanks to finely tuned control via the magneto-rheological fluid. Outside the patient's body, this fluid contains iron particles of 100 nm to 1 µm in an oil, which could immediately react to the magnetic field applied depending on the desired movement. The particles were then arranged in a chain, opposing minimal resistance to bring fluidity to the walking" movements. "



Nanoparticles, 100 - 1000 nm

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