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Nano-In Nano Antibacterial & Deodorant Shoe Insole


Date Added

1 January 2007

Country of Origin



“Superior antibacterial (bacteria inhibition) effect completely demonstrates exceptional performance of Nano ZnO particles and creates a refreshing and healthy environment inside the shoes.” “Nano ZnO can react instantly with odor-causing molecules, removing the unpleasant smell of the shoe environment remarkably.”



Nanoparticles, 10 - 20 nm sphere

Functions of Nanomaterial

Location of Nanomaterial

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Nano-In Nano Antibacterial & Deodorant energy Socks

Company: Nano-Infinity Nanotech Co., Ltd.

Category: Health and Fitness > Clothing

Origin: Taiwan

Nanomaterials: Silver, Zinc oxide

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)