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Nano FuelSaver


Date Added

1 January 2007

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“Nano Fuel Saver uses both the latest nanotechnology and the principle of FIR to make your driving experience extraordinary. After installation, it absorbs the heat energy from engine to lead out FIR thermal energy to minify fuel’s molecules, purify impurities contained in the fuel, advance atomization effect, enhance complete combustion, increase horsepower and torque, improve fuel economy, reduce engine vibration, faster acceleration, cut down fuel consumption, reduce engine carbon build-up, reduce toxic exhaust emissions to diminish air pollution, keep the engine in optimum condition to extend its lifetime, easy installation, no engine refit, and no chemical additive.” “In layman’s terms the Nano FuelSaver is a tube impregnated with nano-particles. When this tube gets heated up, it creates a wave called Far Infrared Ray (FIR). FIR is a part of the invisible light spectrum and it is in between visible light and microwave but not harmful to the human at all. In fact scientists call it the 'light of life'.”



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