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Nano Glass & Ceramics Coating


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8 March 2011


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Percenta AG Nano Glass & Ceramics Sealant 'is a coating material on a chemical nanotechnology and generates a simply repelled Aqueous and oily liquids and facilitates the removal of dirt and limescale from sanitary ceramics or household glass. With Percenta AG Nano Glass & Ceramics Sealing sink, shower, bath, bidet, toilet, etc. may be to protect against contaminants and bacteria. Even glass shower enclosures remain permanently properly, the hygiene is significantly increased, the time and effort for cleaning is reduced to a minimum and the use of cleaning agents is greatly reduced. Percenta AG Nano Glass & Ceramics VS. has been developed so that surfaces only have slight contact with particles of dirt. Through the water and oil repellency water and dirt particles such as oily substances, lime, algae and materials from environmental pollution found a significantly lower adhesion to the surfaces. Even dried out dirt and limescale can be removed from the coating after treatment with nano-ceramic easy.


Functions of Nanomaterial

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