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Liquid N Paper Coating


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1 January 2007

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“Ecology’s proprietary patent pending, nano-engineered coatings combine cutting edge technologies to produce breakthrough multi-functional coatings of superior performance. They are fast curing durable, and clean nano-composite coatings for the products of tomorrow, exhibiting a new of properties that are suitable for a broad range of applications.” "Liquid Nanotechnologytm: 100% solids, UV-curable polymer films containing nanoparticle additions that create superior combinations of performance properties."

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"A video clip showing how Ecology Coatings using liquid nanotechnology, and vitually no harmful materials in the production process can save energy, reduce wastage which increases efficiency. These coatings are ultraviolet curable and provide an abrasion resistant surface with excellent adhesion. Comparisons are drawn to traditional coating processes and coatings."



Nanoparticles, spheres, 5 - 40 nm

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Nano-fillers are present in a coating composition ranging from10 to 60% wt/wt. In an embodiment, a coating composition comprises from 31-36% wt/wt of nanofiller.

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