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Lion® Look Kirei no Mist for Toilets


Date Added

1 January 2007

Country of Origin


“Look Kirei no Mist for Toilets cuts toilet odors to reduce unpleasant smells” “New disinfectant "silver ion" ingredient: ionized nano-silver particle attached to the surface of alumina-silica just 15 nanometers in diameter.” “Lion's research institute proved that nano-sized silver ions are significantly effective in controlling bacterial infestation that leads to gunk and odors in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.”



Nanoparticles, 15 nm

Functions of Nanomaterial

Location of Nanomaterial

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Lion® Look Kirei no Mist for Kitchens

Category: Home and Garden

Origin: Japan

Nanomaterials: Aluminum oxide, Silicon, Silver

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)