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Intel® StrataFlash® Cellular Memory


Date Added

1 January 2007


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“Intel StrataFlash® Cellular Memory (M18) is the world's first 90 nm NOR MLC device. This fifth generation of Intel StrataFlash memory delivers more value and improved performance to cellular developers, and enables highly reliable, yet cost-effective, cellular solutions. Offering faster read and write speeds, increased density and better power consumption, the M18 delivers the unique combination of memory features cellular designers need for today's cellular applications-high performance, high density, and low-power operation. The M18 gives wireless products the capacity to do more while consuming less power.” "Intel® Pentium® 4 processors built on the 90-nanometer (nm) process provide improved responsiveness for todayDs corporate and home applications, and offer headroom for the next wave of technologies."

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Origin: USA

Nanomaterial: Silicon

How much we know: Category 5 (Not advertised by manufacturer)