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iMac® with Intel® Core 2 Duo


Date Added

1 January 2007


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"Power duo. The latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors run at speeds starting at 2.66GHz with options up to 3.06GHz. And they include 6MB of shared L2 cache. Translation: iMac runs your applications faster and more efficiently than ever before." (Image could not be displayed due to trademark restrictions.)

"Investing in new PCs with Intel® Core™2 processor family can mean big savings for your business. Delivering faster performance, greater energy efficiency, and more responsive multitasking, desktop PCs with Intel® Core™2 processor family can help your whole company be more productive. By combining breakthrough processing speeds with advanced power saving features, desktop PCs with Intel® Core™2 processor family let you get more done in less time than ever before reducing energy costs by an average of 50 percent.¹ Processors built with Intel's unique 45nm technology offer excellent performance as well as unique energy-saving features that help PCs meet ENERGY STAR² requirements. That means reduced power consumption for desktop PCs and lower energy costs for your company."


45nm Processors

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