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3 August 2007


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“Industrial Nanotech said in an announcement that the maker of Corona, the fourth most popular beer in the world, is using Nansulate High Heat for thermal insulation and corrosion protection on an interchanger, a common piece of industrial equipment found in the industry.” “Voridian, the company that made Imperm nano-composite barrier technology in collaboration with Nanocor (and since gave its patents over to the nano-center at the University of South Carolina). Imperm technology is currently used by Miller Brewing (specifically Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft and Ice House brands) in plastic beer bottles. Imperm is a plastic imbued with clay nano-particles that are as hard as glass but far stronger, so the bottles are less likely to shatter. The layout of the nano-particles is designed to provide a stricter barrier between the carbon dioxide molecules that are trying to escape the beverage and the oxygen molecules that are trying to sneak in, keeping the beer fresher and giving it up to a six-month shelf life.”


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Company: Top Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

Category: Food and Beverage > Storage

Origin: Taiwan

Nanomaterial: Clay

How much we know: Category 3 (Manufacturer-supported claim)