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Aluminium Foil from Toppits


Date Added

14 August 2008


Country of Origin



"From 1998 to 2003 there was a two-Toppits ® AluPlus foil of aluminium foil and a white non-stick coating. This inner layer, the aluminum-plus nor reißfester, and in particular durchstoßsicher acids. They prevented a sticking or Anbacken the slide. Since 2001, the antihaft-coated aluminum foil back from Toppits it as a premium foil replaced. It combines the anti-adhesive properties of paper with the advantages of aluminum foil with regard to plasticity. The Toppits Back ® aluminum foil, on the inner side of a specially developed non-stick coating, adapts easily to any form of back and dissolves without eingefettet to be easy, Gebackenen. Since 2004, the black coated Toppits Fix Roast aluminum foil, the development of latest advances in nanotechnology owe. Put simply, is that the black coating material to carbon, in a glass matrix is embedded. The black area reached up to 100 degrees Celsius higher surface temperatures when cooking, which heat is directly forwarded to Gargut. The effect: Black makes aluminum faster - the food is prepared quickly be hot (up to 30 percent of the normal cooking time) and it will remain outside crispy and juicy inside."




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