Nanotechnology Project


Project Comments Submitted to FDA in Advance of Public Hearing

The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies has submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in advance of its public meeting regarding the relevant scientific, policy, and social issues associated with nanotechnology. By seeking input from various stakeholders and planning this public meeting, the FDA is beginning to take a proactive stance toward the oversight of nanotechnology. In addition to providing an overview of key nanotechnology challenges facing the FDA, the submission addresses three areas of nanotechnology commercialization that will greatly affect the agency for years to come, including:

  • Consumer product applications, including cosmetics and sunscreens;

  • Food applications, including dietary supplements; and

  • Medical applications, including drugs and drug delivery devices.

We hope that an open, fruitful, and productive dialogue will emerge through the ideas presented in these comments and through discussions at the public meeting. In the long run, key social and economic benefits will occur only if society succeeds in overseeing nanotechnology innovation effectively and efficiently. FDA will play a significant role in this process.

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