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Congressmen and Former EPA Administrator Release Statements in Support of Nature Paper

WASHINGTON, DC – Several high profile statements were released today in response to the publication of the “Safe Handling of Nanotechnology” published in the November 16 issue of Nature. See below for excerpts and links to the complete statements.

House Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) and Ranking Democrat Bart Gordon (D-TN) make a joint statement on the paper.

“This paper should be a landmark in the history of nanotechnology research. It lays out a clear, reasonable, prioritized, consensus-based set of priorities for examining the potential environmental and health consequences of nanotechnology over the next decade and a half. This paper should eliminate any remaining excuses for inaction in this vitally important area…”

Nanotechnology Research & Development Act co-author Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) comments on the report.

“What’s great about this Nature article is that it provides a much-needed environmental, health, and safety research framework. Its suggested approach presents a solid foundation for developing a short-, mid-, and long-term research strategy…”

Former EPA Administrator (1989-1993) and Founding Partner, Aqua International Partners William K. Reilly makes a statement on the paper.

“The authors of this Nature article put forward an authoritative outline of what that vital research agenda should be. It is a sound, comprehensive proposal that needs early attention. Delay can only mean larger costs—to consumers, businesses and governments—in the future…”