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Taiwan-Solvent Manufacturing Plant

Site LocationKaohsiung, Taiwan
Site TypeManufacturing Site
Start Date
GeologyUnconfined aquifer, composed of medium to coarse sand and few silt, lies approximately 4 to 18 meters below ground surface (m bgs).
Media TreatedGroundwater
Contaminant TreatedTCA, TCE, DCA, DCE, vinyl chloride
Initial Contaminant ConcentrationVC 4562 _g/L, EDA 207 _g/L, DCE 1151 _g/L,TCE 682 _g/L
Final Contaminant ConcentrationShallow Test : VC reduction of > 90% Deep Test: VC reduction of 20-85%
Type of NanoparticlePd-nZVI
Length of Operation6 months

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