Nanotechnology Project

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FL-Patrick AFB, OT-30

Site LocationPatrick AFB, FL
Site TypeManufacturing Site
Start DateNov-05
GeologyGroundwater encountered 4 to 5 feet bgs. Upper surficial aquifer mostly fine to medium grained sands with occasional silt/clay. Silty region around 35 to 42 ft bgs holding DNAPL migration.
Media TreatedSoil and Groundwater
Contaminant TreatedTCE and corresponding daughters
Initial Contaminant ConcentrationInitial TCE as high as 150,000 ug/L
Final Contaminant Concentrationhighest remaining TCE post treatment - 3,580 ug/L
Type of NanoparticleEmulsified ZVI (EZVI)
Length of OperationOn-going, minimum 5 years

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