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SC-Parris Island

Site LocationPort Royal, SC
Site TypeMilitary Installation
Start DateJun-06
GeologySmall, relatively flat, sandy island with minimal topographic relief. Highest elevation on site is approximately 9 feet above mean sea level (msl). Soil present is from Seabrook, Capers, and Bohicket series. 15 different soil types.
Media TreatedSoil and Groundwater
Contaminant TreatedPCE, TCE, c-DCE, vinyl chloride
Initial Contaminant ConcentrationGroundwater: Max PCE: 32,000 ug/L Max TCE: 10,000 ug/L Max c-DCE: 3,400 ug/L Max vinyl chloride: 710 ug/L
Final Contaminant ConcentrationN/A
Type of NanoparticleEZVI
Length of OperationOngoing

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