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CA-Palo Alto Site

Site LocationPalo Alto CA
Site TypeOther
Start Date2006
GeologyGroundwater encountered 8 to 10 feet bgs. Water table 6 feet bgs under confined conditions. Multiple water-bearing units. Sand and gravel zones separated by low-permeability clays.
Media TreatedUnknown
Contaminant TreatedPCE, TCE, Freon
Initial Contaminant ConcentrationPCE in source zone up to 26,000 ug/L PCE in dissolved plume along northern property line at 850ug/L from 10 - 60 ft bgs Offsite sources impact site, with TCE > 70,000 ug/L, Freon 113 > 1,000 ug/L
Final Contaminant ConcentrationUnknown
Type of NanoparticleStarch-stabilized BNP (Fe/Pd)
Length of OperationN/A

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