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FL-Naval Air Station

Site LocationJacksonville, FL
Site TypeMilitary Installation
Start DateJan-04
GeologySilty to fine sand from 0 to 24 feet bgs; dense clay from 24 to 54 feet bgs
Media TreatedGroundwater
Contaminant TreatedTCE, TCA, DCE, vinyl chloride
Initial Contaminant ConcentrationMax TCE: 26,000 ug/L Max TCA: 11,000 ug/L Max DCE: 44,000 ug/L
Final Contaminant ConcentrationRapid reductions by 65% to 99%
Type of NanoparticleBNP
Length of Operation1st monitoring event was 5 weeks after initial injection, monitoring continued beyond the original 9 months

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