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Hamilton-Klockner Road Site

Site LocationHamilton Township, NJ
Site TypeOther
Start Datena
GeologyMiddle Potomac Raritan Magothy (MPRM) Aquifer; consisting of water-bearing soils that extend to the underlying schist/gneiss bedrock from 130 to 160 feet bgs
Media TreatedGroundwater
Contaminant TreatedTCE, DCE, TCA, DCA
Initial Contaminant ConcentrationTotal VOC: 400-1600 ppb
Final Contaminant ConcentrationReduction in dissolved chlorinated contaminants at concentrations by up to 90%
Type of NanoparticleNanoiron slurry (NanoFe Plus)
Length of OperationPhase I - 20 days Phase II - 10 days

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