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EnSeal Laparoscopic Vessel Fusion System

SurgRx, Inc. (USA)

  • “The SurgRx™ EnSeal™ Tissue Sealing and Hemostasis System allows surgeons to seal and transect small to large vessels, large pedicles and tissue bundles to achieve surgical hemostasis.”
  • “With Smart Electrode Technology, EnSeal™ Instruments adjust and dose energy simultaneously to various tissues each with its own impedance characteristics. This proprietary electrode consists of millions of nanometer-sized conductive particles embedded in a temperature-sensitive material. Each particle acts like a discrete thermostatic switch to regulate the amount of current that passes into the tissue area with which it is in contact. EnSeal™ works equally well when sealing arteries, veins, and transecting fatty tissue, small ligaments and connective tissue.”
  • Launched commercially in March 2004

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