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TriLite™ Technology

Crystalplex Corporation (USA)

  • Technology used to create nanocrystals and nanoclusters for imaging and diagnostics
  • “TriLite™ alloyed nanocrystals are of relatively uniform size: approximately 6 nm…[A]lloyed nanocrystals can be produced in stable blue and blue green colors (less than 525 nm)…[C]rystals can also be made in the far red region of the spectrum (greater than 660 nm) with little loss in stability.”
  • “TriLite™ nanoclusters are aggregates of 8 – 12 individual nanocrystals. These nanoclusters are 40 – 50 nm in size and are functionalized on the surface with carboxyl groups using a proprietary Crystalplex technology.”
  • Products are available in many sizes and colors and can also have nearly any biological probe bound to them
  • Available through company website

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