Nanotechnology Project

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Environment, Health and Safety Research

NANOFORUM: Pan-European Forum for Nanotechnology

Project Information

Principal InvestigatorDel Stark
InstitutionInstitute of Nanotechnology
Project URLView
Relevance to ImplicationsMarginal
Class of NanomaterialEngineered Nanomaterials
Impact SectorCross-cutting
Broad Research Categories Risk Management
NNI identifier

Funding Information

Anticipated Total Funding$4,241,763.00
Annual Funding$1,060,440.75
Funding SourceEU
Funding MechanismExtramural
Funding SectorGovernment
Start Year2002
Anticipated End Year2006


The Thematic Network will provide a comprehensive source of information on all areas of Nanotechnology to the business, the scientific and social communities. The main vehicle for the thematic network will be a dedicated website Nanoforum .org. Nanoforum will encompass partners from different disciplines, bring together existing national and regional networks, share best practice on dissemination national, EU-wide and Venture Capital funding to boost SME creation, provide a means for the EU to interface with networks, stimulate Nanotechnology initiatives in European underdeveloped countries, stimulate young scientists, publicizes good research and form a network of knowledge and expertise.