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Environment, Health and Safety Research

Development of fullerene derivatives as novel lead compounds for medicine

Project Information

Principal InvestigatorTadahiko Mashino
InstitutionKyoritsu University of Pharmacy
Project URLView
Relevance to ImplicationsSome
Class of NanomaterialEngineered Nanomaterials
Impact SectorHuman Health
Broad Research Categories Hazard
NNI identifier

Funding Information

Anticipated Total Funding$505,669.00
Annual Funding$38,897.62
Funding SourceMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Funding MechanismExtramural
Funding SectorGovernment
Start Year1996
Anticipated End Year2009


Fullerene and its derivatives show interesting biological activities based on their unique physical properties and chemical reactivity. We intend to develop fullerene derivatives as a new type of lead compound to be used as medicine and have reported that the anionic fullerene derivatives show antioxidant activities, the cationic derivatives have antibacterial and antiproliferative activities, and amino-acid types of fullerene derivatives have Human immunodeficiency virus-reverse transcriptase inhibition activities. Our data suggest that the fullerene derivatives are promising novel lead compounds for anti-neurodegenerative disease, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-HIV drug.