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Environment, Health and Safety Research

Occupational Health Surveillance for Nanotechnology Workers

Project Information

Principal InvestigatorDouglas Trout
Project URLView
Relevance to ImplicationsHigh
Class of NanomaterialEngineered Nanomaterials
Impact SectorSafety
Broad Research Categories Safety
Risk Assessment
Risk Management
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Funding Information

Anticipated Total Fundingn/a
Annual Fundingn/a
Funding SourceNIOSH
Funding MechanismIntramural
Funding SectorGovernment
Start Year2005
Anticipated End Year2007


The unique physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials, the increasing growth of nanotechnology in the workplace, and information suggesting that engineered nanomaterials may pose a safety and health hazard to workers all underscore the need for medical and hazard surveillance for nanotechnology. Every workplace dealing with engineered nanomaterials and nanotechnology should consider an occupational health surveillance program. NTRC has convened a cross-Federal group to develop a document as a framework for using existing medical and hazard surveillance mechanisms to create occupational health surveillance programs for nanotechnology workers. This guidance is not a prescriptive recommendation for a specific type of surveillance program, but rather is provided to present information that can be used to create appropriate occupational health surveillance to fit the needs of workers and organizations involved with nanotechnology. This framework presents information to help initiate occupational health surveillance where none exist. It is likely that as the field of nanotechnology changes over time modifications to any initial surveillance program will need to be considered periodically.