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Environment, Health and Safety Research

Collaborative Research: Fullerene Aggregation in Aquatic Systems

Project Information

Principal InvestigatorMark R Wiesner
InstitutionRice University
Project URLView
Relevance to ImplicationsHigh
Class of NanomaterialEngineered Nanomaterials
Impact SectorEnvironment
Broad Research Categories Hazard
Generation, Dispersion, Transformation etc.
NNI identifierc5-6

Funding Information

Anticipated Total Funding$232,327.00
Annual Funding$116,163.50
Funding SourceNSF
Funding Mechanism
Funding Sector
Start Year2006
Anticipated End Year2008


This collaborative proposal is to investigate fullerene-based nanomaterial aggregation. Recent results suggest that these materials may be toxic, and there is agreement that the environmental fate of nanomaterials should be investigated. This proposal will address some of these issues for the specific nanomaterial (fullerenes). The investigators will use a balanced approach of experimental work coupled with kinetic modeling.