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Woly Sport Waterproof


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8 March 2011


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The effective high performance protection for sports shoes made from smooth as well as full-grain leather, textiles and functional clothing, with or without climatic membrane. The highly effective formula provides a protective layer for the material surface area and arms you and your equipment against moisture and dirt in the long run. Water drops simply drip off and dust and dirt particles are much easier to remove. Optimal performance for you and your equipment.

Woly Sport Waterproof is the effective high-performance protection for all sport shoes and sports clothing made for smooth and sued leather, textiles and functional materials with all-wather membranes. The powerful waterproof spray impregnates longterm against moisture, oil and dirt. The effective recipe forms a protective layer on the surface of the material to create a strong water-repellent effect. Powerful nanoparticles form a protective structure on the surface of the material to create a strong water-repellent effect. Water droplets simply roll off; dust and dirt particles can be reomved very easily. Impregnate on a regular basis for optimum protection. Use: For all smooth, suede and nubuck leathers as well as textiles, synthetics etc. shoes, outdoor-equipment, ski and sports clothing, anoraks, umbrellas, caps and so on. Instruction for use: Spray evenly on dry and clean sport article from a distance of approx. 20-25 cm and allow to dry at least 30 minutes. You will reach the best protection by impregnating on a regular basis.


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