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SAMSUNG Anycall E628 Silver Nano Mobile Phone


Date Added

13 August 2007


Country of Origin

“The Silver Nano Health System is a comprehensive system developed by Samsung to improve your quality of life by eliminating bacteria from the places that count most. Despite our hopes, the appliances we rely on often become breeding grounds for very bacteria and odors we hope to remove. Just as a dirty washer never truly cleans clothes, only clean air conditioners and purifiers can supply clean air, and a clean, bacteria free refrigerator keeps food fresh longer. Samsung has found a solution in the safety of silver, ionizing silver into ions for an effective coating that lets your home appliances remain remarkably free of bacteria and odors. We’re creating a zone of protection for the health and safety of your family’s future. It’s here, it’s clear and it’s silver.” "Coated with a layer of silver nano ions, the E628 protects users from disease-causing germs, molds, and up to 650 types of bacteria, making it particularly appealing and suitable to health conscious consumers."


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Category: Electronics and Computers > Mobile Devices and Communications

Origin: Korea

Nanomaterial: Silver

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)