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Optisol™ Sun Defence


Date Added

19 August 2008

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"Optisol™ Sun Defence protects the skin against sun damage, providing long lasting photostable, broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. The formulation contains Optisol™ UV absorber, originally invented at the University of Oxford and developed over a decade. The incorporation of Optisol UV absorber into Optisol Sun Defence provides execptional UV protection and has been demonstrated to out-perform many premium formulations." "Oxonica, a leading innovator in the new area of applied nano-materials has recently announced the world-wide availability of its new revolutionary photostable OPTISOL™ UV absorber with enhanced UVA protection that has applications in skin-care products and other materials. OPTISOL™ has been demonstrated in sunscreen formulations to provide and maintain 5-Star performance measured in accordance with the Boots Star Rating System. [...] OPTISOL™ is microfine titanium dioxide incorporating a small amount (0.67%) of manganese in the crystal lattice. This allows absorbed UV energy to be dissipated, virtually eliminating the generation of free radicals. Manganese at the surface of the particle can scavenge free radicals that have been generated by other sunscreen components."

“The addition of Optisol™ to the new Soltan 5 Star facial sun care range offers people the best sun care protection on the market. It is essential to choose a sunscreen with good UVA protection. The new Soltan Facial suncare range, offers higher levels of protection from UVA rays for the same SPF, whilst also reducing the formation of free radicals on the skin. In this way, it works not only to protect against the immediate effects of over exposure to sunlight, but also as a long-term anti-ageing agent. OptisolTM is the next generation of sun protection as it offers milder, better and longer lasting protection. One can rest assured that the delicate skin around the face and neck area is protected from damage arising from exposure to the sun.” Mike Brown


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