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Non-volatile Random Access Memory


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1 January 2007


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“Nantero, Inc. is building a high density nonvolatile random access memory chip, which can replace DRAM (dynamic RAM), SRAM (static RAM), flash memory, and ultimately hard disk storage--in other words a universal memory chip suitable for countless existing and new applications in the field of electronics...Nantero's design for NRAM™ involves the use of suspended nanotube junctions as memory bits, with the "up" position representing bit zero and the "down" position representing bit one. Bits are switched between states through the application of electrical fields.” “Nantero is a nanotechnology company using carbon nanotubes for the development of next-generation semiconductor devices. These devices include memory, logic, and other semiconductor products. In the field of memory, Nantero is developing NRAM™, a high-density nonvolatile Random Access Memory.”

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Supporting Info URL

"Nantero's alternative to flash memory has reached its sell-by date"



Nanotubes, under 20 nm

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