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NovaMesh™ Ventral Hernia Mesh


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7 March 2013


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"The NovaMesh™ Ventral Hernia Mesh features improved resistance to tissue adhesion on the visceral-facing surface, and promotes excellent tissue ingrowth on the fascial surface. The NovaMesh is the first hernia mesh to exploit the unique properties of electrospun nanofabric."

"NovaMesh has demonstrated excellent resistance to adhesions on the organ facing surface followed by regrowth of the peritoneum, strong tissue integration on the abdominal facing surface, and minimal mesh shrinkage"

"Electrospinning is a process used for creating polymer nano or microfibres using electrostatic forces to obtain innovative "textiles". When the electrical tension applied between the spinning nozzle and counter electrode is sufficiently high, the polymer solution is drawn and forms a very fine liquid jet towards the counter-electrode. Applications in this field of research include implants or regenerative medicine."


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