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1 January 2007


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"You’re probably wondering, how can the convenience of one tiny microtablet compare to a handful of horse pills? The answer involves a unique process called nanotechnology. Thanks to nanotechnology, the key ingredients in nanoSLIM are reduced to micron size. By utilizing unique processes such as jet milling, laser-light scattering analysis and free vortex gas flow activation, the key ingredient becomes a fraction of their size, only visible through a powerful microscope. The extremely powerful and technologically advanced nanoSLIM formula will help you lose weight faster!*"



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Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

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Nanomaterial: Liposome

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Nano-Sized Self-assembled Liquid Structures (NSSL) Supplements

Company: NutraLease Ltd.

Category: Food and Beverage > Supplements

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