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nanoCotz™ Eco-Clean


Date Added

6 March 2009


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"* nanoCotz™ Eco-Clean is an anti-static silicon dioxide coating that can be applied to nearly any hard surface * A single application converts most external surfaces to have the ease of maintenance by reducing static electricity * It has superior durability, which come into wide use for building and automotive exterior finishing * This protective coating is able to improve the exterior finishing durability * Reduce maintenance cost by prolonging the repainting period * For external facade walls of buildings, glass, exterior paintwork of automotive etc." "Utilising the principles of nanotechnology, we offer a complete range of environmentally friendly and effective surface protection treatments that offer physical enhancements for a broad range of everyday substrates, without adversely affecting the substrates various optical properties, such as transparency. We provide market ready formulated treatments for unique and individual requirements."


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