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nanoCotz™ Colloidal Cleaner


Date Added

6 March 2009


Country of Origin



They Say

"* An environmental friendly & versatile cleaner * It is a non-toxic, biodegradable replacement for the conventional, and potentially dangerous hydrocarbon based cleaning agents * For industrial parts cleaning, automotive parts cleaning, hotels, hospitals, health care centres, veterinarians, restaurants, general area cleaning/housekeeping etc." "Utilising the principles of nanotechnology, we offer a complete range of environmentally friendly and effective surface protection treatments that offer physical enhancements for a broad range of everyday substrates, without adversely affecting the substrates various optical properties, such as transparency. We provide market ready formulated treatments for unique and individual requirements."

"These micelles, which possess the power and capability to break down organic molecules and hydrocarbons, are the workhorses behind nano/colloidal technology's effectiveness as a cleaning, degreasing, emulsifying and encapsulating agent."


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