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8 March 2011

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NanoCoQ10 utilizes cutting-edge nanotechnology to deliver highly bioavailable coenzyme Q10 for potent cardiovascular and cognitive benefits.

Our CoQ10 contains only Nanosized 24 Hour Time Released Microactive CoQ10, patented for complexing CoQ10 with B-cyclodextrin. This water soluble form is the only form to offer universal enhanced absorption. Patented Nanosized 24 Hour Time Released Microactive CoQ10 (as CoQ10 and B-Cyclodextrin from Non GMO Potato Starch providing 100mg of CoQ10). +


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24Hr Microactive® CoQ10

Company: Genceutic Naturals

Category: Food and Beverage > Supplements

Origin: USA

Nanomaterials: Calcium, Magnesium

How much we know: Category 5 (Not advertised by manufacturer)