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Nano-Sphere Pillow


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11 June 2009


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"The Nano-Sphere Pillow looks more like a traditional pillow, however they are uniquely and comfortably shaped to help support the head and neck. Our exclusive nano-compound is fused and spun throughout the pillows fibrous material. Each Nano-Sphere pillow comes with a choice of two sleeping surfaces for normal or increased ventilation. Cervical Shape Supports spine, helps open breathing passageway and circulation through carotid arteries It reflected energy enhances microcirculation of oxygen and nutrient rich red blood cells to nourish head area, reflected energy enhances circulation of whilte blood cells, increased microcirculation helps cleanse carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, helps to reduce effects of stress from neck area, and both sides provide full Personal Reflective Energy benefits."

'The present invention relates to the plastic caviar bead for filling og pillow having function of anti-bacteria that combines the raw materials of synthetic resins of 100 in weight, antimicrobial of 0.5-2 in weight, creamic with hydrogen silicon and hydrogen aluminum of 3-15 in weight that are pressed and corrected to the shape of granulation with 1.5mm in its diameter and haveing an excelent antibacterial function, it helps prevent all sorts of bacteria such as ticks to spreda into the pillow while emitting atomic infrared rays that has a positive impact on human body and as well, its spherical shape increases the practicality of plastic caviar bead abd enables a flow of air circulation by allowing the space between the beads and by emitting negative ion.'' Ho-Young Lee, Gyeonggi- Do (2006)


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