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Nano Derma Care Spray


Date Added

5 March 2013


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Ingredients in Comfort Soothing Spray are distilled water, nano particle micro filtered ingredients from an Aloe Vera Gel blend obtained by special processing methods resulting in pure Aloe Vera Gel liquid Comfrey extract, Chamomile extract, (Azulene) Cucumber extract, Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Carbonate, Germanium, Allantoin, Ethinoic Acid and Fragrance from a base of natural essential oils. With our proprietary formula Cold Adhesion Binding methodology, we keep the active compounds as listed above plus add nano particle Calcium Gluconate, along with magnesium and nano-particle-size vinegar. Hydrofluoric Acid burns are treated with procedures that include Calcium Gluconate the same type of calcium contained within Cell Directâ„¢ Nano Derma Care Spray. Calcium Gluconate used in Cell Directâ„¢ Nano Derma Care Spray is different because it is in nano particle size creating a most effective product for sun burn, skin burns and other skin irritations. Through our special formulation we are able to include nano particle calcium and trace amounts of Apple Cider Vinegar in the formula. We have removed the scent of vinegar making it a very pleasant product to use. We have maintained the integrity of Apple Cider Vinegar but enhanced it to nano scale size making it even more absorbable and more effective. With the advent of Nano Technology it is now possible to create effective products that are safe and user friendly.


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