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7 March 2013


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"Micro-Trans™ Microneedle Array Patch technology enables drug delivery into the dermis without limitations of drug size, structure, charge or the patient's skin characteristics. The arrays are optimized to penetrate only the shallow layers of the skin, avoiding close proximity to pain receptors, making the system extremely comfortable for the patient to wear."

"The Micro-Trans delivery system uses a patented array of either hollow metal or solid PLGA micro-needles enabling drug delivery or ISF sampling in the dermis without limitations of molecular weight or skin characteristics. Shallow skin penetration avoids contact with pain receptors, making the system comfortable and convenient for patients to use."

"The aim is to minimise the depth to which they penetrate the skin, consequently reducing tissue lesions and the sensation of pain. "


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Company: GC America

Category: Health and Fitness > Personal Care

Origin: USA

Nanomaterial: Polymer

How much we know: Category 3 (Manufacturer-supported claim)