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7 March 2013

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"Microneedles are manufactured by using MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology and are made of pure silicon crystals. Not to be confused with silicone oil or rubber, the silicon crystal is one of earth's chemical elements and is pure and robust. Using MEMS technology has enabled the creation of elaborate miniature devices with unprecedented mechanical stability and structural precision. NanoPass MicroPyramid arrays are manufactured in industrial clean rooms, using a high-precision production process. Based on its Microneedles technology, NanoPass currently produces hollow microneedles for intradermal injections and solid microprojections for cosmetic enhancement."

"The technology, developed by Israeli company NanoPass Technologies, is based on tiny pyramid-shaped ‘micro needles’ made out of silicon and with a central bore hole that is large enough to allow the passage of large molecules. The so-called MicroPyramid needles can be formed into arrays and used to deliver just about any active ingredient, including antigens for vaccination. The array is pressed against the skin and, because the gauge of the microneedles is so tiny, the patient feels nothing."

"Often made from metal (nickel, titanium, gold, etc.), silicone or biodegradable polymers, this new generation of injection systems is presented in the form of a matrix of micro-needles, just a few hundredths of a micrometre in length and with a submicronic tip diameter. Given their dimensions which are slightly above the nanometric scale, these injection systems are not nanotechnological systems per se. These devices are nevertheless useful for administering micro- or nano-doses of drugs, insulin or vaccines transdermally or even into the cornea. Potential applications could extend to systems used for diagnostic purposes or to monitor a patient's biological parameters"


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