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20 February 2009


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The secret of the iPosture is WINS TM, or Wearable Intelligent Nano-Sensor, a microchip that monitors stance several times every second. The iPosture is worn close to the skin of the chest and operates on a coin-size battery. It warns the user when detecting any deviation greater than just three degrees from the chosen posture that lasts longer than one minute. Specialied software filters spurious movements, which allows the iPosture to adapt to a variety of activities and body types. It can be worn clipped to the shirt or bra, as a necklace, or attached to the skin with special adhesive patches.ivestocks.

So, it turns out that despite being absolutely ridiculous, the device pretty much works as advertised. It essentially annoys you into sitting up straight, though it must be noted that you have to actually know how to stand up straight in order to set the device properly. We can't really say how it will (or, more likely, won't) affect our posture long-term, but like the Wii Fit before it, it definitely gets you thinking consciously about your body, which can't be a terrible thing. Sure, it's a little preposterous for $89.95, but, just as we were writing this, we decided to check out the iPosture website and it turns out that we're all in luck -- it's gone on sale for the holidays for $49.95. Oh, and we still haven't gotten around to reading Young, Sexy and Healthy yet, but we'll be sure to let you know how it is once we do. It looks like a real page-turner. Check out the gallery for some more captivating images.

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