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Hybrid wood table tennis racquet

Date Added

3 December 2012


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In recent years, great advances have been made in table tennis blade technology. Materials such as carbon, kevlar, titanium, arylate, aramid, and aluminum have all been used to enhance playing performance. However, the problem has remained to find a better way to make blades faster without making them too stiff, heavy, or thick.After much research and development, we have invented just such a new and better way. We have discovered that we can use carbon nanotubes to reinforce the adhesive that holds together the wood plies in a blade. The result is a faster/stiffer blade that still gives you a bigger sweetspot and excellent feel.Carbon nanotubes are cylindrical molecules of carbon. They are the strongest and stiffest materials known. Despite this strength, they have a very low density. The carbon nanotubes that we add to the adhesive form a strong network that increases the bond between the wood plies. To our surprise and delight, the nanotubes also seep into the porous wood and make it stiffer.Because the density of the nanotubes is so low, they do not add any substantial weight to the blade. The blade is thus faster without being heavier.