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7 March 2013


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"Grandio® is suited for multiple indications found in routine dentistry thanks to its multifaceted qualities and innovative expansion of the product range. There is Grandio® Flow, which is the flowable specifically designed for minimally invasive restorations such as tunnel preparation and now available in convenient Caps for a hygienic single application."

"With Grandio VOCO has presented the world´s first nano-hybrid composite which is suitable for all cavity classes and one of the internationally most successful universal restoratives. Grandio reaches a high filler degree and maintains optimal handling properties. It demonstrates that physical material properties, clinical ease of use and handling features are the focus of VOCO´s development efforts."

"A dental restoration composite generally contains a photopolymerisable resin matrix, an inorganic filler, additives and colour pigments. Resins are traditionally bis-GMA, TEDMA and TEGDMA type polymers with variable viscosity. The filler consists of very fine particles of different sizes ranging from 0.01 to 50 µm, to enhance the mechanical properties of the composite"



Zirconium Oxides


Nanoparticles, 10 - 100 nm

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Nanomaterial: Silicon dioxide

How much we know: Category 4 (Unsupported claim)