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Galaxia Nano Technology Limited™ Nano Refrigerators Oriental Health Card


Date Added

6 February 2007

Country of Origin


“Let your refrigerator full of live! ≥90% Oriental flavor Galaxia refrigerator for the use of nano-materials in addition to preservation of the strong absorption, strong catalyst, the three strong strong antibacterial properties. with the long-spectrum antibacterial function, can directly inhibit bacteria, antibiotics rate of ≥ 90%. most of the short term can inhibit bacterial refrigerator to stop the source of nitrosamine formation. But with a strong grasp of the floating capacity, it will be able to eliminate refrigerator odor and smell, which led to clean your refrigerator. ensure the effectiveness of your health. Can be placed at any one refrigerator, a few dozen minutes, refrigerator and from the peculiar will all disappear.”



Functions of Nanomaterial

Location of Nanomaterial