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FIRST RESPONSE™ Test & Confirm Pregnancy Test


Date Added

1 January 2007

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"FIRST RESPONSE™ Test & Confirm Pregnancy Test has two unique tests with patented technology to provide results five days before your missed period1. FIRST RESPONSE™ Pregnancy Test & Confirm tests are over 99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels from the day of your expected period.2"

"The home pregnancy test is an excellent example of how nano-properties can be used to provide practical solutions to real-world problems. The story behind some of the color-change urine dipstick tests is a great example. The short answer is that a pregnant woman's urine has a significant excess of HcG, human gonadotropic hormone. This hormone has a certain protein structure that binds to a complementary DNA base pair sequence. That very specific complementary lock for the HcG key is attached to gold nanoparticles which reflect light of a specific color. If HcG is detected, the spot or line reflects red; if not, blue or clear or whatever the design entails."




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