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Donny the Dog Plush Toy


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31 August 2007


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“With the additive of Silver Nanoparticles, our product has been clinically proven to fight against harmful bacteria, molds and mites.” “This technology is widely seen in the medical industry. Silver Nanotechnology is being used to coat surgical tables and equipment to thwart micro organisms.”

“Super soft and safe, this patented plush pup is the world’s first stuffed animal to blend memory foam with silver nanotechnology.”

"We assessed the potential for children’s exposure to bioavailable silver during the realistic use of selected nanotechnology-based consumer products (plush toy, fabric products, breast milk storage bags, sippy cups, cleaning products, humidifiers, and humidifier accessory). We measured the release of ionic and particulate silver from products into water, orange juice, milk formula, synthetic saliva, sweat, and urine (1:50 product to liquid mass ratio); into air; and onto dermal wipes. Of the liquid media, sweat and urine yielded the highest amount of silver release, up to 38% of the silver mass in products; tap water yielded the lowest amount, ≤1.5%. Leaching from a blanket into sweat plateaued within 5 min, with less silver released after washing. Between 0.3 and 23 μg m−2 of silver transferred from products to wipes. Aerosol concentrations were not significantly elevated during product use. Fabrics, a plush toy, and cleaning products were most likely to release silver. Silver leached mainly via dissolution and was facilitated in media with high salt concentrations. Levels of silver to which children may potentially be exposed during the normal use of these consumer products is predicted to be low, and bioavailable silver is expected to be in ionic rather than particulate form." Quadros et al (2013)




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