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Diorskin Forever - Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup FPS 25


Date Added

14 August 2008

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"Inspired by nano-technologies, Diorskin Forever takes smoothing, comfort and wear to the extreme for stay-true beauty, even in the most unfriendly environments. A Dior innovation, its unique formula includes: -Nano-Stretch Networks, an invisible, micro-airy nano-network for a perfect complexion; -Hydra-Gel System, a new-generation moisturization regulator for optimal comfort, hour after hour."

"Extreme wear for extreme beauty. This luxurious foundation stays flawlessly smooth and looks naturally perfect in any environment. With two unique innovations: an exclusive nano-stretch network inspired by nano-textile technology to insure makeup will fit like a second skin and a unique hydra-gel moisture-stabilizing system, Dior takes smoothing, wear, and comfort to the ultimate extreme of beauty. Non-transfer and waterproof."

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