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Daewoo® Refrigerator


Date Added

1 January 2007

Country of Origin

“Daewoo’s Side by Side refrigerator. Its latest radius design will introduce a comfortable atmosphere to your family setting. Nano Silver Poly technology is the outcome of continuous research of Daewoo to protect your health and that of your family.” “After splitting the particles of silver known to have superior deodorant and antibiotic power by 1/1000000 mm, we have applied it to major parts of refrigerator in order to restrain the growth and increase of a wide variety of bacteria and eliminate odor particles. Accordingly, it is latest pro-health technology to ensure freshness of food products and ultimately, your health. Nano Silver presents strong disinfection, deodorant and storage power. It also maintains balance of hormone within our body and intercepts electromagnetic waves significantly.”



15 - 300 nm


50 - 500 ppm

Location of Nanomaterial

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Category: Appliances > Large Kitchen Appliances
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Origin: Korea

Nanomaterial: Silver

How much we know: Category 5 (Not advertised by manufacturer)