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CoQ10 Q-Avail VS softgel


Date Added

5 March 2013

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This patented technology takes an insoluble, poorly-absorbed lipophilic (fat-dissolving) ingredient like CoQ10 and water solubilizes it. Once exposed to the aqueous environment in the stomach, the material self-assembles into tiny fluid droplets. These droplets are very similar to the nano-sized fluid droplets, or micelles that the body normally manages to create when digesting high-fat foods in order to make them easier to absorb. Each softgel in our Q-Avail VS is composed of millions of these tiny nano-sized colloidal droplets of solubilized CoQ10 that are quickly and easily absorbed in the GI tract, resulting in enhanced bioavailability. The end result is Q-Avail VS. Each softgel delivers 100mg of Coenyzme Q10 (Ubiquinone) and provides the same research-driven superior absorption and bioavailability you have enjoyed with our current line.


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